LOST – The End

LOST. How your candle burned so bright. Sure there were times when we thought a gentle breeze might blow you out, but you made it to the end. Though we didn’t get all of our answers, the series finale was a terrific ending to a game-changing show.

Remember in 2004 when you changed the way TV was made? Reevaluated what was possible on the networks. Made us believe that reality television may be just a fad. (Still have fingers crossed on that one.) There was you on the left and 24 on the right. Serial shows were here again, with story, character, and production value to spare. I’m not sure anyone has gotten it right since.

My cable was out last night so I got up at 5:45 am to watch the finale on Hulu. I was not going to miss one last jaunt at the water cooler. I could have gone to a bar and watched with the masses, but I’m glad I didn’t. I cried my eyes out. It could have gotten ugly. “Bartender, another Jameson. This shit is pulling at my heart strings!” People will complain that we didn’t learn enough. That the episode was a cop out. I say that’s wrong. In my eyes, this show has always been about the characters and our characters left on a good note it seems. Maybe it was a funeral, maybe it was an awakening. Who’s knows, but it was fun while we had it.

Anywho, I’ll miss you guys. I loved you to the very end. The past six years have been an exhilarating, frustrating, and ultimately fulfilling journey to a weird fucking island.

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