Magic Perfume

A movie review? Well because of a case of the Swine, I got a chance to watch the film Paper Heart today. Kind of hard to pin down exactly what kind of movie this is, but I can report that it was quite charming. It’s part scripted romantic comedy and part documentary. The filmmakers have been calling it a “hybrid documentary”. I’m calling it a “romantic comedy”. And though I’d hardly claim to be an aficionado, I’ll say that it was my second favorite rom-com of the year, behind (500) Days.

It stars Micheal Cera and Charlyne Yi in a fictional romance that is supplemented by true documentary material as Charlyne travels around the country to discover the true meaning of love. The lines between fiction and reality are blurred as the narrative gets all twisted up and becomes more about the movie itself than anything else. At its heart though, is a cute (and yes, awkward) little romance between the two stars which ultimately keeps it from unraveling. The hybrid nature of this film, along with the very meta aspects of Charlyne and Michael playing themselves in a movie about their blossoming romance was also quite appealing given the reality TV and youTube-obsessed world we live in.

Even though this is one of the 150 movies Cera was in last year and he’s become a huge star, this is most definitely Chuck’s movie. Ms. Yi is a multi-talented writer, musician, comedienne, artist who along with Nick Jasenovec, was the driving force behind Paper Heart. She also co-wrote the screenplay and most of the music. Not too mention, she’s so adorable. Rent it on Netflix.

Of the highlights of the film was the music. Music, she collaborated with Michael Cera and others on. The most beautiful track in my opinion is Magic Perfume. Charlyne and Prefix Magazine had a Magic Perfume cover contest back in August for which you can check out the entries here.

The winning entry is quite good….

But I think I prefer this particular entry that did not win. Love those drums….

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