Remember the hole in the ozone layer? It’s a very retro concept. 25 years ago, 3 scientists announced to the world that there was a hole in the ozone layer over the South Pole. This is a layer of atmosphere that filters out harmful solar radiation and protects us from cancer cancer caner. Well this announcement scared the shit out of everyone. Legislation was put into place- them lawmakers were gonna take a stand. Sun screen sales went through the roof and almost through that hole in the ozone layer. And suddenly it was hip to care about the Earth. (read: commercialized) People started to really take notice of humanity’s impact on our fragile little marble. Or at least a new generation began to realize that it was fragile. After all, here was something tangible. Something to hold on to. There’s actually a hole… in the atmosphere. We did that?!!?

Today, the hole has stopped growing. And people have stopped talking about it. It kind of gets all wrapped up with that whole global warming thing. Though the ozone layer above the South Pole is still considered “thinner than it should be”, we seem to be in the clear.

Sure awareness and regulation may have helped stabilize the situation. But I submit that it was another event that had an ever greater impact. In September of 1991, Nirvana released Nevermind. Single handedly eradicating hair bands and your ozone problem in one fell swoop. Nevermind was a death knell to Big Hairspray and changed our opinions on what was cool and acceptable. And it was cool to care man.

In addition, I posture that the release of Bio-Dome in ’96 plays into this, but I haven’t figured out why or how yet.

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