Pull Out

Just finished watching my second documentary on love and relationships in as many weeks. Pull Out was made by my dear friend Jyllian about 6 years ago. I’ve known Jyllian Gunther for about 4 years now. We have worked together hundreds of times and she’s a super talented writer and free-spirited dame. I knew about Pull Out long ago. I’ve had the DVD. And for some reason, the DVD collected dust. I may have watched it once, but glossed over it. I was in a different place then than I am now and didn’t really take notice. Perhaps I was just mesmerized that someone I knew could make a feature length doc. I watched it tonight and realized what I was missing.

In the film, Jyllian goes back to her ex-boyfriends, interviews them, and tries to figure out what went wrong. Looking for answers. Closure perhaps. A taboo often not broached or spoken about in relationships. You have to wonder who out there wants to do this and who has the balls to actually go through with it. I saw the movie as one of self-discovery. It was coarse at times. Uncomfortable. But as much as I HATE to use this word when describing a movie, this one struck me as brave, even courageous. It is supremely personal and you as the viewer are left as voyeur, working out in your mind how the conclusions made in the film effect your own life. At least I was.

It’s on Hulu, but if you really like it, you should buy the DVD. It’s also on iTunes.

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