Small Portions

Welcome back. Though I posted once or twice in August, It’s been nice to have pretty much taken the month off from this site. Did a little traveling. Got caught up on some tv and movie watching. Took more beatings at work. Had a nice time. But I’m back for the Fall. And so happy for it. It may be taboo to say it but I generally don’t like the Summer. Especially Summer in the city. I can’t stand sweating profusely and constantly being uncomfortable. Bring on the cool breezes and pumpkin apple potpourri that awaits in the next few months. Definitely my favorites of the year.

So was the break from doing this site fruitful in any way? Why yes. Yes it was. Here’s what I discovered this summer… Small portions. Ben & Jerry’s has come up with a god damn brilliant little item. It’s a little mini bucket of goodness. Only 3.6 ounces of ice cream. I’ve gotten a few of them. You can easily try all of the flavors. There’s even a spoon… built into the lid. Bite sized, serving sized meals are on the brink of a revolution. Just look at the sliders craze. It seams like every bar and restaurant in town is serving little White Castles now.

Here’s what else they need. Little 1-2 hotdog-sized packets of sauerkraut. I hate having to make an entire can of sauerkraut when I’m only trying to outfit one dog. I don’t mind the extra work, I’m just really really against wasting fermented cabbage.

Can you guys think of any other food that needs to be given the small portion treatment?

  • Real cherries in there!
    Make little portions so fat asses can remain fat asses...
  • There's a spoon under the lid!
    ...with only a fraction of the guilt.

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