So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Dolphins never cease to amaze. Had it not been for a few evolutionary detours, these things would be ruling this planet. And probably doing a better job at it than we currently are.

Apparently some dolphins in a tank at Sea World started creating these incredible bubble rings from their blow holes. Not just a series of tiny bubbles that may resemble a ring, but a singular torus-like bubble that writhes in the water. Kind of like how a smoker creates a nifty smoke ring- only the dolphins can play with it, pass it along, and generally have a blast. What’s really interesting is that at first only a few of them knew how to do it, but those early trailblazers managed to teach the behavior to their dolphin brethren, and it appears as though most of them in that tank are now participating.

If only a few dolphins could figure out how to clean up oil and teach it to their pals, we might be saved.

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