The One & Nines

I’m here, urging you to check out The One & Nines. They are simply fantastic. They are so good it makes me angry. There’s this incredibly soulful R&B throwback sound. The stench of authenticity. The musicians hit all the right notes and Vera has the kind of voice that will make you fall in love. They’ve been playing around Jersey City for a few years now and I’m constantly urging them to take the show on the road. Or at least on the PATH. This band needs to introduce itself to the trend setters and taste makers of this here NYC. As it happens, they’ve finally done some recording and recently released a 6-song EP. You can buy it from them directly or grab it off iTunes.

But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself how good they are. And definitely get your ass to one of their shows, prepared to shake. Even if it’s in Jersey.

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