Ultra-compact Living

Fuyuhito Moriya, of Tokyo has built his 3-story house on what is generally the size of a single parking space. 30 square meters of real estate. That’s 5 meters by 6 meters. About 16.5 feet by 19.5 feet.

I absolutely find this compelling. Living in that small a space wouldn’t be realistic for me, but… I wouldn’t mind giving it a whirl for a few days. You have to admire the human ingenuity to create something that beautifully effecient.

It all feels very Scifi. Cyberpunk. It brings over-the-top futuristic set design to mind. The stuff I love. There’s something very Brazil about Fuyuhito Moriya’s pad. An over-populated urban center. Humans cramped together. All white like a space station.

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