Face Exercises

Been meaning to post this for a while and when Jack LaLanne died a few days ago at the ripe old age of 96, I was reminded to. Firstly, it’s important to celebrate a man who preached fitness and a good diet. No scams. No bad science. Just a natural diet and exercise. If there’s one thing that disgusts me about this country, it’s the obesity epidemic and Jack LaLanne was looking out for us before we even knew what super-sizing was. One of his classic quotes over the years was, “I can’t die, it would ruin my image.” Well JLL, I can say with decent clarity that you were wrong on that one. Practice what you preach and you live to 96.

This post, however, is not for obese people. It’s for ugly people. You see, JLL didn’t just care about your health. He cared about how you’ll look as you get older. So he offered up these face exercises. These are from The Jack LaLanne Show circa sometime in the ’50’s. I’m a bit biased because I tend to treasure vintage stuff like this. I love the look and feel of this program. The music. Jack’s easy demeanor. And facial exercises invaluable!


  1. Gary Sikorski January 27, 2011

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  2. Mark January 28, 2011


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