I have no idea what this website Loffles is. Nor do I know why I am intrigued, but I am intrigued. Who wants to sign up and find out what it is with me? There’s bunnies on the homepage. That’s got to count for something. The real question is, without the hype, would anyone care?

Bunnies falling over.


  1. Anne Ryan March 10, 2011

    We can’t reveal just yet. As you can tell by the pre-launch page, we’re not you’re average start-up. We’d love if you chatted about Loffles at SXSW to get more intrigue from that group. We’ll give you a spot in the beta!

  2. Greg March 10, 2011

    Consider it done. I’ll be Loffling at SxSW.

  3. Dennis March 15, 2011

    rabbit-flavored waffles? that’s my best guess.

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