Pinch Me

This was featured on Gizmodo a few months ago. Just found it in my bookmarks and figured I’d share in case you missed it.

Two things are very apparent when watching this. Everything looks spellbinding in time lapse… including monster trucks? And everything looks even better when a loud, foreboding soundtrack goes along with it. The incredible song here is called Dream Is Collapsing by Hans Zimmer and was featured in Inception. I only worry that this song will take off like a similar track from Sunshine. That song is Adagio in D Minor by John Murphy and is now featured in absolutely anything that requires an intensely building and dramatic score. Click here to listen. I know you know it. It’s one of the most beautiful songs you’ve ever heard, but is currently being over-used to the point of cliche`.

The monster trucks kind of bring it down a notch for me, but I’ll excuse them because the landscape shots are mind-bending. Enjoy.

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