Surf The Train??

Two ladies and a ridiculous sign.On my way home from work tonight I saw a sign on the subway that read, “Surf The Train and you could get wiped out… forever”. With it is a picture of a dude hanging on to a train with the doors closed.

Is this a big enough problem where we need signs to remind us to not surf fucking trains? That’s not a rhetorical question. I’m quite curious. Are kids and drunks really surfing trains? Our future? What the hell is going on?

I blame the internet. Generations of kids knew not to surf trains. Even when trains were slow, people knew it was at least a bad idea. Now, from the day they are born, they have this monstrous web of all the world’s information at their fingertips, and they decide that surfing the train is a good idea. It’s gotta be connected somehow.

Really? We need a reminder?Surfing the train utterly reinforces my belief that there should be an age limit on the internet. Kids really have no business being on this thing. Have you ever looked at the comments on YouTube? It’s pointless because there are absolutely no good comments. It’s all just stupid kids bickering about bullshit or being as racist and jingoistic as humanly possible. Go ahead. Look at the comments for ANY video on YouTube. There’s billions. I’ll wait…

See what I mean. I blame the kids.

Surfing the train. Who ever heard of such a thing?

What ever happened to peacefully taking bong hits in your parent’s basement? Ride the snake.


  1. maura March 2, 2011

    May I turn your attention to this 2008 Gawker post:!371291/a-guide-to-safer-subway-surfing

    The ads read- “Surf the web- not the train!”

    but i agree, who the heck is doing this?!

  2. Greg March 3, 2011

    Nice link. What is wrong with people?

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