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What about me?Miabi Films is a fake. Its a made up production company that makes us sound more important than we actually are. There’s no office. There’s no bank account. There is no us. Its basically one guy, me.

Someone once told me that miabi (pronounced me-Ah-bee) meant “beautiful place” in some Indian dialect. It seemed like a groovy sounding word at the time. And after seeing The Wall twelve-hundred times in some other miabi, the name stuck. Miabi Films had been a revolving cast of actors doing comedic video shorts for awhile. Now, its basically become an outlet for me to showcase my (lack of) writing and film skills. It’s also another way of convincing myself that I’m keeping busy.

The bedrock of Miabi Films was laid back when we were freshman in high school. My group of friends thought we were the funniest kids in town. We’d make these puerile, off-beat video shorts about singing terrorists and leotards. I’d wanted to make movies since the first time I heard you could edit video by connecting two VCRs. Making short films was just fun. A perfect combination of art and tech, on the cheap. I was hooked. Now it’s about using bigger and bigger toys.


If you would like to get in contact with us you can drop an email to info at miabifilms.com

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