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I’m Learning How To Juggle

Hey All,
So for New Years this year, I resolved to learn how to juggle. I want to keep life uncomplicated and I’ve always wanted to juggle, so why not!? Follow along with my progress at

Here’s the first one…

Happy Christmas 2011

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas. Really all holidays.


My friend Shane asked me to put this video together. Exactly one year ago today, with tax season being over, (he’s an accountant) he decided to learn Fredrick Chopin’s Fantaisie-Impromptu on piano. And he decided to film the whole thing. Over the course of three months, he practiced nearly every day and here are some excerpts from those sessions.


Thirst | 2:01 (2011)

Some things drink water. Other things are water. Most things need water.

The song is Mpls Rock and Roll by Dosh.

Arabian Knights

Arabian Knights (Muppet Heard a Rumor) | 2:16 (2011)

Muppet heard a rumor. It was just a rumor. Muppet sings another one of his favorite songs, this time Arabian Knights by Siouxsie and the Banshees. Lovable menace. Hot of the heels of last year’s hit single, In Heaven.

The Dishes, Again.

The Dishes, Again. | 2:27 (2011)

Making mundane seem pretty. This is quite possibly the cousin of Dull Objects. An excuse to test out my sweet new T2i and the first Miabi Film of 2011. The song is Absolute Beginners by Bowie.

Christmas Blizzard 2010

Are You Satisfied?
Snow! | 1:31 (2010)

Timelapse video of the 2010 Christmas Blizzard. Out the front window of my apartment. Brooklyn, NY. Tough to take credit for this one as pretty much anything looks cool in timelapse. The song is Are You Satisfied? by Marina and The Diamonds.