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A Very Inconsiderate Xmas

A Very Inconsiderate Xmas | 0:13 (2010)

A companion piece. Some people completely disregard the holiday season. We on the other hand hope you had a wonderful holiday and got everything you wanted this year.

A Very Agreeable Xmas

When was your WOW moment?
A Very Agreeable Xmas | 1:08 (2010)

Shaq makes a great holiday PSA for Toys For Tots. We make it greater.

Seasons Greetings… Miabi Films would like to wish you a happy and healthy holiday season, filled with good tidings and mirth. (Which I thought was a coal or metal-like material until I looked it up just now.) Please accept this little ditty as our 2010 holiday card. All in good fun. I’ve always been a Shaq fan and he’s representing a good cause here. Consider Toys For Tots as part of your end of the year philanthropy. They’re accepting donations up until Christmas Eve. Cheers.


Haunted | 2:00 (2010)

I had experienced several hauntings. Doors creaking closed. Strange vibrations. Chills. I began to lose sleep. Why do ghosts torment the weary? I’d leave the music playing and the kitchen lights on in order to fall asleep. Out of sick curiosity, I set up the video camera and aimed it at the kitchen. One night I captured this. The ghost did not waste much time. Of course I used the video to fool around with different visual styles in post. This was the result.

aka… A Hipster Haunting. aka… Paranormal Craptivity.


Maxim at work?
Brozillas | 2:27 (2010)

Two dudes forge a quick friendship in an otherwise dudeless work environment.

Meyer and I had to do a presentation for work that revolved around the necessary steps it takes to create a web series. We decided to have fun with it. This video is the very special sneak peek of our faux show. See if you can spot the sponsor integration! We judiciously went into work on a Saturday armed with an issue of Maxim and several changes of clothes. Cafaro helped out on camera. Fun Fact: We recorded the theme song on my iPhone.

Dull Objects – Color Explorations

I don’t know why I didn’t post this months ago. It’s just been sitting in my drafts folder. So I’m posting now.

Nearly a year ago now, I did two additional “color explorations” of the Dull Objects piece. These came out of some tests I was doing while trying to figure out what the final video was going to look like. I figured I’d share these with you in lieu of any new video content I have.

In the first one, I used a sweeping posterized color tint. I had originally wanted to do something with color, but ultimately landed on an over-saturated look. This was my first test.

This second one is my Wild Card! A contrasted, liquified, yellow. Think real life anime. Bearded fantasy. It only works well on some of the shots, and I was too lazy to make it look really great the whole way through.

Lastly, here’s a version using a technique for faking depth of field. It is subtly different that the main video, but out of the 4 versions, I think I prefer this one the best.

There’s Nothing I Can Do

So I realize I haven’t posted any Miabi Movies lately. I’ve gotten quite busy at work and at play and have been neglecting all of this new stop motion stuff I’ve been promising. Here’s another video I created as a test. Again, there was absolutely no plan going into this. If you can detect a plot, you win my love. I was making it up as I went along. Which proves that I’m willing to post crap, just so you have some content to look at. It’s stupid and not even sure it show’s progress. But the music is nice!

A mad scientist tries to reanimate a copper coil and takes what he’s learned to reanimate Corey, his clay friend.

Duck Motion

2010 (0:26) – I was playing around with some new stop motion software over the weekend and created this tragic tale about a duck. Since I was just testing out the software and have no idea how to create stop motion movies, I was pretty much making it up as I went along. There’s really no rhyme or reason to it. Hopefully I’ll create something far more interesting in the coming weeks. Until then.. Duck Motion.