My friend Shane asked me to put this video together. Exactly one year ago today, with tax season being over, (he’s an accountant) he decided to learn Fredrick Chopin’s Fantaisie-Impromptu on piano. And he decided to film the whole thing. Over the course of three months, he practiced nearly every day and here are some excerpts from those sessions.

NBA Time Travel Commercials

A quick video that explains how they do those cool NBA commercials. This technique was first really used to great affect in Forrest Gump. It warms my heart that in the time since that movie’s release, the average motion graphic artist can do this on a shoe-string budget and with much greater success. Technology simply affords us better and cheaper tools than ever before.

Although much simpler, the basic idea of this technique was present in Miabi Films’ 2010 Xmas series.

Saturn flyby

Check out this riveting animation of a flyby of Saturn. This wasn’t drawn or modeled, but created by stitching together thousands of actual photographs taken from Cassini. This is as close as you’re going to get to actually visiting the jewel of our solar system unless someone invents some new-fangled fantastic means of propulsion.


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