Boardwalk Empire visual FX compilation

The first season of Boardwalk Empire treated us to an exciting period drama that featured lots of disturbing imagery from prohibition-era violence to Steve Buschemi’s ass. Boardwalk Empire was also stunningly shot show with gorgeous photography and high production values. What is not immediately apparent is just how much of what we were seeing was computer generated. This goes for pretty much everything we see now a days. Everything.

Below is an intriguing compilation of some of the before and after shots from the show, compiled by the design studio that created them and set to that killer opening theme song. Can’t wait for season 2. Enjoy.


This is cool beans. Visual artist Alexander Chen, working at Google Creative Labs created this animation based on 24 hours of the NYC subway system. Each colored line represents, in real time, a departing train. The full size project homepage is over at Check it out. And watch your step.

Face Exercises

Been meaning to post this for a while and when Jack LaLanne died a few days ago at the ripe old age of 96, I was reminded to. Firstly, it’s important to celebrate a man who preached fitness and a good diet. No scams. No bad science. Just a natural diet and exercise. If there’s one thing that disgusts me about this country, it’s the obesity epidemic and Jack LaLanne was looking out for us before we even knew what super-sizing was. One of his classic quotes over the years was, “I can’t die, it would ruin my image.” Well JLL, I can say with decent clarity that you were wrong on that one. Practice what you preach and you live to 96.

This post, however, is not for obese people. It’s for ugly people. You see, JLL didn’t just care about your health. He cared about how you’ll look as you get older. So he offered up these face exercises. These are from The Jack LaLanne Show circa sometime in the ’50’s. I’m a bit biased because I tend to treasure vintage stuff like this. I love the look and feel of this program. The music. Jack’s easy demeanor. And facial exercises invaluable!


I’m guilty. I just read this article on Slate. In it, they come down… hard… on people who put two spaces after a period. I’m a major offender of this. This is how I was taught to type. Even now, knowing it’s wrong, I’m still double tapping that spacebar after a sentence. I can’t help myself. It’s burned into my mind. I have no idea how I’m going to correct this.

I blame Mr. Egan. He is the man responsible for teaching me how to type in 6th grade. Blame must fall to him. He should have known that these new things called “computers” were different than typewriters. How was I to know? All I knew is that Emily wouldn’t look at me because I had a mouth full of braces. (I even fought Lee for you, Emily.) I had no time back then to research typography, proportional typesettings, and the like. Look, I know teachers are shaping young minds and they do a thankless job. But come on man, you fucked me up good Mr. E. Think of all the unnecessary movements of the thumb I’ve made throughout my life. It must measure in the hundreds of thousands. Can you get Carpal Tunnel Syndrom in just your thumb?

It’s even worse now. When you’re typing on the iPhone, a double tap of the spacebar creates a period and a single space in whatever you’re writing. So I find myself TRIPLE tapping the spacebar just to get that extra space in there. When I’m doing a quick edit of my writing, one of the things I’ll do is MAKE SURE there are two spaces between sentences. I am beyond reproach. A glass of whiskey can mask the pain, but it can’t make it heal. That’s going to take a deep look inside.

Kids, save yourself from the embarrassment of putting two spaces between sentences. And for god’s sake, save your thumb.

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