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Rubber Inspiration

Sometimes the smallest advantage in one place, can yield tremendous results someplace else. Basically… you’ve been tying your shoes incorrectly your entire life.


Thirst | 2:01 (2011)

Some things drink water. Other things are water. Most things need water.

The song is Mpls Rock and Roll by Dosh.

A Very Inconsiderate Xmas

A Very Inconsiderate Xmas | 0:13 (2010)

A companion piece. Some people completely disregard the holiday season. We on the other hand hope you had a wonderful holiday and got everything you wanted this year.

A Very Agreeable Xmas

When was your WOW moment?
A Very Agreeable Xmas | 1:08 (2010)

Shaq makes a great holiday PSA for Toys For Tots. We make it greater.

Seasons Greetings… Miabi Films would like to wish you a happy and healthy holiday season, filled with good tidings and mirth. (Which I thought was a coal or metal-like material until I looked it up just now.) Please accept this little ditty as our 2010 holiday card. All in good fun. I’ve always been a Shaq fan and he’s representing a good cause here. Consider Toys For Tots as part of your end of the year philanthropy. They’re accepting donations up until Christmas Eve. Cheers.

A for Ackbar, A A for Ackbar

A bunch of genius students at the University of Mississippi started a campaign to install Admiral Ackbar as the new mascot of the school. Making the leap that since they are the Ole Miss Rebels, why not be represented by the commander of the Rebel Alliance. I’ve never been more inspired to organize before. Lucasfilm has since put a cork in the idea, but it’s response is terrific.


Maxim at work?
Brozillas | 2:27 (2010)

Two dudes forge a quick friendship in an otherwise dudeless work environment.

Meyer and I had to do a presentation for work that revolved around the necessary steps it takes to create a web series. We decided to have fun with it. This video is the very special sneak peek of our faux show. See if you can spot the sponsor integration! We judiciously went into work on a Saturday armed with an issue of Maxim and several changes of clothes. Cafaro helped out on camera. Fun Fact: We recorded the theme song on my iPhone.

Inception Re-dub

For those that loved the movie, here’s the trailer re-dub. What I find most entertaining about this is that they’ve decided to play it straight. It’s basically a line for line english to english re-dub of the trailer. Seems like it’s just one big set up for the “brrrrrRRRRRRRRAUMMMMM” sound effect they use repeatedly.