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Boardwalk Empire visual FX compilation

The first season of Boardwalk Empire treated us to an exciting period drama that featured lots of disturbing imagery from prohibition-era violence to Steve Buschemi’s ass. Boardwalk Empire was also stunningly shot show with gorgeous photography and high production values. What is not immediately apparent is just how much of what we were seeing was computer generated. This goes for pretty much everything we see now a days. Everything.

Below is an intriguing compilation of some of the before and after shots from the show, compiled by the design studio that created them and set to that killer opening theme song. Can’t wait for season 2. Enjoy.

You Look Like Shit!

Great idea for a compilation. The always awesome, but slightly over-used line, “You look like shit.”

Other over-used phrases from TV and Film:

“I’ll see you in Hell!”
“I’m getting too old for this.”

What else is there?



In honor of a Mad Men season finale, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but also made me scratch a hole in my head, I give you this re-imagining of the theme song. It’s gonna be a long 10 months to season 5…

Scene 315

So a couple of months back I wrote about this really neat project created by developer Casey Pugh called Star Wars Uncut.

Here’s the basic gist: Star Wars: A New Hope has been split into 15 second segments and posted on the internet. Fans were to “claim” scenes and re-create them any way you like, as long as it was creative. Once all scenes had been re-done, the highest rated ones as voted on by fans would be put back together and walla! Star Wars.

I really liked the concept- make a collaborative fan film with hundreds of other people. The website was cleverly put together and intuitively organized. In the end, it was just about having fun.

My friend Bryan and I decided we wanted to take part, so we claimed scene 315. Luke, Han, and Chewie have just sprung Leia from her holding cell and they’ve jumped down the garbage shoot to escape. We got my other friend Khendra to play Leia and shot it in my bathtub. I thought rubber duckies would make a good visual so I bought a bunch of them to fill out the tub. (Wish I bought more.)

The project is now over and our scene was selected to be in the final cut of the film. Which is totally exciting. (You can watch the entire movie, clip by clip, here) I’m fully aware that it’s because Khendra looks great in a bikini and had nothing to do with the rubber duckies. I can’t wait to attend the NY screening. It should be quite ridiculous. Every 15 seconds a different group of people will be cheering for their scene. They’re working out a few legal loose ends, but I hear George digs the concept.

Here’s my favorite part though. Casey Pugh, the brains behind this whole operation, just won a Creative Arts Emmy for the entire concept! Kudos to him for a great idea and his tireless work and for allowing me to contribute to an Emmy winning project. Naturally, I’ve been going around claiming to be an Emmy winner myself. Why not? Good times.

Here’s scene 315. And if you’re compelled to, go the SW Uncut site and “like” our scene. Oh and here’s a NY Times article about it.


Why does someone always try to stop someone else from performing CPR? You’ve seen this scenario a hundred times at the movies or on a TV show. At some climactic point, a main character drowns or gets electrocuted and is rendered unconscious. Another main character, usually the love interest, is left trying to breathe life into the fallen star. Trying vigorously to rescue him or her from certain doom. At which point, a third character, usually part of some love triangle says, “Give up. He’s dead. He’s dead! It’s over! Give up! Stop!” There is usually a long dramatic pause as the two of them are left with the realization that this person might in fact be dead. But every time, the love interest or doctor or whomever refuses to accept this and feverishly goes back to work, against the urging of the other person. “Live! Live damn it! You’ve got to live!!” And every time, our fallen star coughs to life.

Why are we always trying to stop someone from performing CPR? Just let them perform the damn CPR. It’s gonna work!

LOST – The Complaints

This is so incredibly written and clearly comes from the mind of a LOST fan. This hilarious recap by College Humor of the “unanswered questions” on LOST is so amazingly put together. I wish I knew the intent behind it. Is this a serious complaint? A comment on LOST fandom? A love-letter to the show? A little of all three?

To me, this sums up my biggest complaint against many LOST fans. It seems like people get so caught up in trying to get answers to all the mysteries set up in the story, that you forget why you’re watching the show in the first place. You become consumed by the need to get the answers. This show’s charm was in it’s characters and it’s story. The mystery element is just a bonus. Enjoy the ride, stop trying to figure it all out. Do we really need the answers to all of the questions. Seems kind of selfish. Lindelof and Cuse have said repeatedly that this was a love story about characters, so I’m going to take their word.

It’s been a few days now and I’m still obsessed with the LOST finale. It’s like we lost a dear friend and it stinks.

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

LOST – The End

LOST. How your candle burned so bright. Sure there were times when we thought a gentle breeze might blow you out, but you made it to the end. Though we didn’t get all of our answers, the series finale was a terrific ending to a game-changing show.

Remember in 2004 when you changed the way TV was made? Reevaluated what was possible on the networks. Made us believe that reality television may be just a fad. (Still have fingers crossed on that one.) There was you on the left and 24 on the right. Serial shows were here again, with story, character, and production value to spare. I’m not sure anyone has gotten it right since.

My cable was out last night so I got up at 5:45 am to watch the finale on Hulu. I was not going to miss one last jaunt at the water cooler. I could have gone to a bar and watched with the masses, but I’m glad I didn’t. I cried my eyes out. It could have gotten ugly. “Bartender, another Jameson. This shit is pulling at my heart strings!” People will complain that we didn’t learn enough. That the episode was a cop out. I say that’s wrong. In my eyes, this show has always been about the characters and our characters left on a good note it seems. Maybe it was a funeral, maybe it was an awakening. Who’s knows, but it was fun while we had it.

Anywho, I’ll miss you guys. I loved you to the very end. The past six years have been an exhilarating, frustrating, and ultimately fulfilling journey to a weird fucking island.